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Jeg kjøpte en Air-Assist pumpe til en av mine lasergraverere. Så sender de med en pumpe som kommer med amerikansk strømplugg. I og for seg ikke noe problem, men jeg tenkte at jeg skulle gjøre de oppmerksom på at for de aller fleste som bor i europa, så er det et problem.

Så jeg forteller dem det, og svaret jeg får er tildels greit, selv om det sa seg selv.

Hello. Our air pump charger is American style and should work properly in Europe. Thank you.

Og det er forsåvidt sant, strømforsyningen er fra 100 til 240 Volt, men kvaliteten på den er av en noe kavere standard en det vi forventer av et CE merket utstyr. CE virker som om det betyr China Export.

Så jeg svarer dem tilbake med

Well, ok. It is a type A power plug, and in most of europe we use round Schuko plugs. So No it can not plug it in, and therefore it can not work. 🙂

Og de kontrer med;

Our suggestion is to purchase a suitable power plug on your own.
Because the power plugs we currently provide are all standardized.

Thank you.

Og da er det slutt på min tolmodighet, terningkast 1 og 1 stjernes review.

Så min anbefaling om AENBUSLM Store er å holde seg langt unna, med mindre du liker litt laber kundeservice.

Advertised as a 4-Speed, Cordless, Multi-Angle Rotation, Adjustable Height, Alu case, 10 HSS Bits, LED Lights, 500mAh by Freemax Technology.

Executive summary: Not worth it, there are better options out there. I really dont bother to write a long test, because this is just crap.

I love tools, and I do occasionally back some tools projects thru crowdfunding, and I sometimes regret it when the product arrives, this is one of them. This is one for the bottom of the drawer, or the scrap bin.

Even if the packaging is very impressive for a tool like this, I have more expensive, or better tools that is packaged in much worse packaging than this one, the quality of the project as a total is not quite there.

Lets start with the bad things, the «Hedgehog Benchtop Press», technically it is not a press, it is more of a guide, as there are no mechanical advantage to be gained here, and it is not a good guide either.
The stand for the drill is somewhat a strange contraption. It is more expensive than my Dremel press, but about half as useful.

The producer says in its own writing on the website:

SDS ULTRA PLUS – Mini Electric Drill Pen with Hedgehog Benchtop Press makes crafts easier and more enjoyable!

Now that is a bold statement in my eyes, as The Hedgehog Benchtop Press is basically a pile of junk. It don’t make it more enjoyable, just more frustrating. It rattles around when you try to drill with it, and makes a hole one mm larger than the drill in soft material. 

The Drill itself, it is not bad, and not good either. But who designs a drill that you start with a button, and when you press it again the drill don’t stop, but reverses, and the next time you press it, it stops.

I can not stress how little I recommend this, don’t waste your money on this one. Not now, not tomorrow, and not in 2024. Keep away.